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Im a mess

my life just feels like is falling to pieces. i cant do anything right and my family either hates me or sees me as a burden.

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Re: Im a mess

Just remember, tough times don't last, tough people do.

Re: Im a mess

That is what I used to do. Sleep my days away. Now after attending the National Statler Center Careers in Hospitality Training program out of Buffalo New York I have a FT Job in the Hospitality industry and structure in my life. Visit
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Donald The Blind Webmaster
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Re: Im a mess

thank you everyone for the support. my family is weird when it comes to my vision either they know to much because they are nurses or they know to little because they are ignorant in the subject its like they will baby me or tell me to suck it up. if i cant see them on my blind side they are like just turn your head if i drop something because its out of my field of vision its like "clear the path a visually impaired person is near". already get stares because one of my eyes is bigger than the other but most ppl say its because im very pretty.............after 21 years im not buying that anymore..ugh anyways im email is if anyone wants to chat i guess

Re: Im a mess

Brittney, I lost my vision a year ago and it can be very difficult to deal with. You need to talk to someone and let your family know how you feel. I started loosing my vision in 1992 and learned to change my thought process . You are not disabled but are inabled to use your other senses. You can do anything you want to do.

Re: Im a mess

I agree with the last post. I have been dealing with low vision for a few years now. I experienced isolation and loss of friends. I lost my career and independence. I am now starting to find my way to new experiences and new independence. It is scary at times but the people I find here have helped me understand that blindness doesn't have to feel bad just different. I would love to continue to talk to you if you would like. We can help each other.

Re: Im a mess

I am sorry you are having these feelings. Have you sought help, some place safe and without judgement to allow you to express these feelings openly? Counseling, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists can offer an ear without judgement.

Most communities have free clinics offering this type of support too.

It seems like you are a bit depressed -- I say seems. I am not doctor, nor do I have much information. A lot of things can bring us down, the adjustment process can cause a type of depression. As persons lose vision and sometimes connections. A lot of people deal with isolation, and often we self-isolate. My message is that you should speak about these feelings. Have you attempted to address these issues with your family members? In a calm way, tell them how you are feeling. The difference is that with family and friends, they will not be an outside ear. But, it can help lead to resolution. Professionals can give you strategies for dealing with these feelings and situations.

I hope you will reach out to a professional and your family.

Again, I am sorry that you are feeling this way. All I can say is that many persons have been depressed at different times in their lives. All we can do is attempt to overcome and make our lives better. Recognize the positives in our lives, sometimes they may be beneath some darkness, but often they are just under a shadow. There are a lot of people out here willing to listen and offer support.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: Im a mess

i just want to cry and sleep

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