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im being bullied

i have a 15 yr old daughter and i dont know the law the laws when it comes to school
and i feel like i'm being bullied by theCounselor at her school

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Re:im being bullied

Hi i too have had really bad experiences at a school for the blind. I got picked on by this 1 girl who could see a bit but was losing her sight and picked on me because i got around the school better than she did. The teachers and the girl told lies about me, and the head of the school was a real dragon! I only managed to stick it for about 18 months. I am over it now though. it all happened about 11 years a go now but i can still remember how hard it was stuck there on my own.

Re:im being bullied

I know the feeling. I'm a sixteen year old girl who is struggling greatly in school. My tc told lies to my teachers about what I can and cannot see and now school is pure hell. I get yelled at my my teachers all the time for not getting work done or demanding why I can't do diagrams because my tc said that I could. I'm almost positive that I'll be leaving the school next year because its so bad. I totally know what you are going through! Feel free to e-mail me at

Re:im being bullied

It would be Very helpful to know what state are you located in?

Re:im being bullied

hi im christine and im 17 , i know what its like to be bullied by the schools , i wound up droping out of highschool to get my g.e.d. because it was so stressful , you might want to look at an alternative option like homeschool , that way you can control her schooling .

Re:im being bullied

What has happened? Please fill us in so we can be of help to you. Is your daughter blind or visually impaired? Are they being unreasable to you and your daugher about her eduacation? Let us know.

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