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I'm looking for blind person to interview

Hi! I'm currently running the project concerned with making a smartphone application to

help blind people.
So I'm looking for blind person who give an interview, which contains some questions about

daily life of visually impaired people and and their disadvantages of walking on the street.
If you can be of assistance please contact me at
It will be very helpful to many blind people as well as you.
Thank you.

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Re:I'm looking for blind person to interview

Rather than asking people to email you (which is called email harvesting and is suspect from a security sense) you may want to post a link to a survey. That way, you can gather information from anonymous blind users and learn enough to design something we actually need. Plese remember that there are now several good GPS apps for the iPhone which blind folks use. So that may be something you investigate to prevent yourself from re-inventing the wheel or solving things you consider to be problems which are not actually problems for blind folks.

Re:I'm looking for blind person to interview

you can give it up now, there's enough aps around and we have no difficulties walking down the street. We're very capable of normal life.

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