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IM only a TEEN and my dad may be going blind

Im only 16 and I have a brother who is 14 . A few years after my dad was born he got a detached retina, so he can not see out of his left eye. Now he has a retina tear in his right eye is there a chance that he can go blind and if so is there any jobs he can do or any fun he can have?!? Im freaking out and I don't know what to do he says that everything is going to be ok but I'm not sure.

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Re:IM only a TEEN and my dad may be going blind

Heya, I'm 18 years old and my dad has been blind since i was born so i understand how scary and daunting it is. But its nothing that should make you give up hope, my dad runs his own business, had trekked Africa and Thailand, climbed a mountain in Spain, learned Italian, goes to the gym everyday and is very independent. It will be a large stress on you and your family and can be extremely frustrating at times. I used to feel that my dad wasn't my dad that he was someone i had to care for, but its not like that, my relationship with my dad is more like a partnership. As of jobs, my dads a physiotherapist, and I know there are so many professions accessible to blind people. I know Piano tuners, teachers and even blind accountants, granted it is a limited area but it isn't hopeless. I agree with the first response, your dad is very lucky to have you and your concern for him is completely understandable.
Trust me when i say there are a million fun things you can do with your dad, in my family the blindness has become a joke. Some physical activities are evidently gonna difficult, however they aren't impossible, your dad wont be totally fragile to all risks, even though it may feel like that. I've taken him horse-riding, swimming, down waterslides, he even tried gymnastics for me. Plus fun things don't have to be going out things, find comedians or musicians you both enjoy, or even try learning a musical instrument together, or teaching eachother things, you'll be surprised how much fun you'll have, how much you'll grow and realise how accessible things are to him. It is gonna be very difficult, and really worrying cause its a change for your whole family and the way you function. But you will adapt and it will become less scary, your dad is right when he says its gonna be ok i promise. If you want to chat or advice, or even if your really struggling with handling it, give me a message at Hope I helped in someway, stay strong.

Re:IM only a TEEN and my dad may be going blind

I have Retinopathy of Prematurity. This means my retina can possibly detatch. I know a friend who's retina has detatched. There might be a possibility that your dad's retina will detatch if the tear grows bigger. He can still do jobs, and have fun. There are just different ways that he might have to do them.

Re:IM only a TEEN and my dad may be going blind

Hi, Sam1. It's great that you love your dad and are concerned about his condition.

The first responder is right: Attitude is the critical starting point. There are many, many places your dad can turn to for technology and for practical and moral support as someone who is about to become blind. Since I don't know where you live, or even if you're in the USA, I won't take time on this post to discuss them all. Many solutions don't cost a lot of money. Even for those which do cost money, training help and low-interest loan programs now are out there.

I am the co-creator of Vision Impaired Solutions for Total Access, which is a technology fair conducted every year in the northern part of Indiana. The first fair of this kind happened last month, and we featured presentations and tech demonstrations from companies that can benefit blind and low vision persons across the country. If you write to me at and tell me some particulars about where you're located, I and my friends will give you specific resources your family can turn to for help. It's good you're thinking about all this before your dad completely loses his sight. You have time to prepare.

And yes, there are lots of jobs out there for someone who is prepared and skilled. I am totally blind, and have been so since birth due to a retina condition. I'm college educated, and I and my wife own our own business.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Re:IM only a TEEN and my dad may be going blind

He's a lucky man to have a daughter who is so concerned!! It sounds like you are going to be a great asset to him! Yes he can still have fun and work. He is just going to have a little help along the way. There are all kinds of visual aides. And you can drive him around and he won't know if your speeding! Just jokin'. The main thing is to learn when to help him and when to let him do things for his self. Keep his spirits up! It is extremely hard for any of us to go throuth this but with family and friends who love us and treat us the same as they always did it gets better!!

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