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I'm writing a story involving a newly blind character, and need some help!

Hello! I'm writing a story, and have been having difficulty finding the answers I need to keep it realistic. I hope someone here can advise me- and correct me, if I presume something which is far off-base from reality!

One of the characters in my story is newly blind, as a result of an illness he experienced. He is fully blind, and there is no chance of recovery, as his optic nerve is dead. The story is not set in modern times, but in an analogous alternate universe- think approximately 1920s or 30s, in terms of technology and culture. So what I need to know are as follows:

1. What kind of therapies will he go through, in order to adjust to his blindness? In other words, how does he learn to move around again, to dress himself, to eat?
2. Regarding food, what are the major hurdles he will experience? I am assuming this is one of those things that sighted people take for granted, and that for the newly blind the simple act of eating would become challenging.
3. How difficult is it to learn to use a cane? There are no guide dogs in this story .
4. What will his emotional experience be like, adjusting to being blind?
5. Approximately how long does it take for a person to adjust to being blind? I realize this is a very subjective question, but my focus in this question is more regarding adaptation to day to day life, rather than the emotional impact.

Any additional comments anyone may have regarding the experience of being newly blind would be gratefully welcomed. Blindness is something I admit to knowing little about, and I do not want to do a disservice to those who experience it due to my ignorance. And if there are any other sites I ought to check out regarding these questions (or just for general information), please let me know!

If you've hung with me through these question, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, and I hope someone can help!

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Re:I'm writing a story involving a newly blind character, and need some help!

As your character is newly blind, it is very much obvious that he will have bad experience and despair.
He may feel almost helpless and so he can throw temper tantrums too.

If he is surrounded with family members, naturally his relatives will try to help him to overcome the situation by diverting his attention. Since the set up is in 1920 30, technology is not at its heights. Therapy he would be beneficial would be a good counselling from a doctor, a close friend or a parent who is already accepting the fact that his child has turned blind. There can be a way for superstition also trying to cure his loss.
Since you ask about the dressing it has to be made very clear to him that he cannot see the world but the world looks at him. So he must learn to dress himself nicely and to make this possible his parents or care taker must be disciplined in arranging his clothes. He can arrange his different occasion clothes section wise.
2.Food also must be given in a way that while he picks it up he does not drop it. His utensils must be deep and constant so he feels comfortable while dining with others. He should be explained how the food item is arranged in the plate. Say for instance there are four items there is no need to hold his hand and guide him. Instead you can tell him orally that food is arranged in the manner the numbers of the clock are. Food item 1 is on number 12 Food item 2 is on number 3 and so on.

3. In some of the cases a person who have lost vision feels shy to walk on the road in front of the knowing people. Incase he tries to use, he may find it difficult and may lose his track rather going straight. It is ofcourse a very challanging task initially. In the course of practice they might hurt themeselves and this makes them more cautious as the trial error principle works.

4. Definately a victim who comes to know about his permanent vision loss , its the situation very difficult to describe. He will have many questions in his mind howewver it depends on the age and maturity of the person. He will have challanges in thinking about his future like studying, career, marriage and so on. He can become hyper due to psychological experience.

5. It is a time consuming process. and as said before it very much depends uponn the persons temperament. One can overcome the challange perhaps the other may barely accept the reality. It also depends upon the surrounding. so it is quite unpredictable in guessing about the time period one can adjust in accepting the reality.

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