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Inflamation of the optic nerve/scare tissue

I have lost a significant amount of sight in my left eye due to inflammation on my optic nerve from an unknown virus (tests and diagnosis by neurologist and ophthalmologist). I was told told today the inflammation has gone down a little but there is a lot of scare tissue, and I may never get improvement on my sight, my concern is: can anything grow such as a growth or tumor on the scare tissue. I have been seeing my ophthalmologist for nearly two months and he to this day doesn't know what caused it. He wants to see me every week for a couple months, should I be worried. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Inflamation of the optic nerve/scare tissue

I have seen positive results in using "Gallium Nitrate" …. not in the eye directly, but as a one percent solution 30 to 60 cc in a liter of water, drunk each day. I suffered from calcified kidney stones and other calcium problems since a child and only since 2008 have been nearly pain and calcium free in many places. I am trying this also to see if it will help with my own eyes. While the doctors have little answers or meds to help … this has been a promising element that we are looking into as "drops" and are trying to get some researchers interested. There are many white papers out but we hope the research by G. Eby in Texas with include at least the eyes as they are doing this in Europe. Hope this will help those with similar problems.

Re: Inflamation of the optic nerve/scare tissue

what I do know about scar tissue is that I have a lot of it due to my injury and it develops calcium deposits that actually can hurt and scratch the eye causing severe pain it usually happens when the eye is dry and does not have enough moisture if your scar tissue is white then that probably is calcium

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