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Insurance options while losing vision

Hi everyone,

i've had SJS since I was young, but have been very independent my whole life. My condition is getting worse and my limited vision is rapidly decreasing.

I currently work a full time job at a small business and have health insurance through my employer. As my vision is getting worse, it is becoming more and more difficult to work.

I've found it very difficult to get advice or options. As I adjust to my vision lose, I'm curious what options are available to me. As I adjust to my new lifestyle, I need to have insurance to cover medication, doctor visits and eventual surgery.

With work becoming more difficult and the threat of not having insurance through my employer, I'm stressing out on what my best course of action is. Losing vision is hard enough, but finding answers has become even more difficult, and is making the situation more stressful than I'd like.

Any advice, help, suggestions, past experience, etc. would be helpful.

Thank you very much

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