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Introducing Myself & A Question

Hi my name is Victoria and I am here because my significant other is blind. We are both 34 so he went blind later in life. He went blind almost 2 years ago from detached retinas and has had corrective surgery. Unfortunately he has only slightly regained vision in the right eye but is still completely blind in the left.

He has been wanted to connect with other people like him who are either blind or have lost their vision (or have limited vision) and I was wondering where is a good place to meet people (other than this site of course)

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Re: Introducing Myself & A Question

Hi I am Vern I am loosing my sight due to Retinitus Pigmentosa. My wife and I were both once sighted too. I have not had a great deal of luck with this forum but I would be happy to chat with him and you. my email is

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