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Is Anyone Driving WIth Low Vision?

I am 26 years old a certified nursing assistant legally blind 20/200 left eye and 20/300 in right eye I see 20/20-20/30 using my Ocutech. I do not have any support from anyone my family treats me like I am crippled especially my mom main one. My mom says no man will ever want someone with a disability as a mate and she asks me what if my kids turn out to have my eye problem. I have a lot I don't know how to do like drive and live on my own my mom has sheltered me my whole likfe and she says that she does not try to teach me anything like driving or living on my own because she says there is no point because I can't see she says. I so pretty well majority of people are shocked when I tell them I have a vision problem because they say I do things so normal. I need to know if anyone on here drives that has low vision and uses a ocutech or any other bioptic glasses to see to drive. I also would like to know if you are living on your own? Also, how do you stay focus and keep your self esteem up when your family tells you you can't do this or that because of your disability?

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Re:Is Anyone Driving WIth Low Vision?

yes, you can drive. but parking can be dangerous. if you have a handicap parking tag you will be harrassed, because people cannot see blindness as a disability. you can walk. so dont be surprised if someone denies you handicap parking even with a handicap tag. this happens quite alot at the university of south florida. if they cannot see it, it must not be real.

Re:Is Anyone Driving WIth Low Vision?

I only have a small amount of light perception in my right eye. But my vision with my glasses in my left eye is 20/40. I can drive. But I do limit myself. I dont drive at night or during bad weather. I also don't drive on Expressways. For those times I count on other people.
I don't know if you could drive in your state or not. But you certainly can take great care of your self. Your taking care of other people all day long. And you have a good career so obviosuly your smart.My advice would be move near public transportation or where cabs frequent. There is no reason you can't do great on your own.

Re:Is Anyone Driving WIth Low Vision?

i was born with one eye and it is hard sometimes to see at night driving

living independently with low vision or none at all

Many of us live by ourselves. We shop for groceries and cook meals, go to work, pay bills and rent and enjoy socializing with friends, all as adults who have no vision. I mean by that no vision at all, no light perception, no shadows, nothing. Please let your parents know there are lots of folks who do all of this successfully as adults. Your mom may not be able to imagine herself living independently without sight but many folks reading these messages do just that. We will help you learn how. We will do all we can to help you help your mom to understand she can let you grow up and live as an adult.

Re:Is Anyone Driving WIth Low Vision?

I'm sorry to hear that you're not getting any help from your family. I am operations manager at Ocutech, you are most welcome to contact me at any time, I can give you information about bioptic driving instructers in your area or agencies where you can get help. My phone number is 919-967-6460 Ext:102.

Re:Is Anyone Driving WIth Low Vision?

I am driving with low vision but I am not using the bioptic driving aids yet. I am still able to get my drivers license with help from my optomiestrist. I have to go throught the state for help with that but I am very close to haveing to give up my license. I will have to go through the bioptic driving program. Workone is the place which has the vocational assitance that helped me find a doctor who specializes in this. My daughter, who is 24, also has this problem and has never driven. She has had self-esteem issues but I have always encouraged her to be self-sufficient. She has a couple of years of college behind her but decided to drop out and move home for a couple of years. She was having trouble making enough money and living on her own. Boyfriends have never been an issue. She is very cute and you can't tell that she has a vision problem unless you ask her or she tells you. I will ask her to get on this site and contact you. You may have alot in common.

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