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Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

I am from the People' Republic of China.I blind in my right eye.I am difficult to find independent organization for deformity in China.I'd like to have information on blind person abord,especially employ and education opportunity and social right for people who blind in one eye.Is Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?My mail can contact me immediately.Thanks!

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Re:Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

I realise that the person from China posted way back in 2006: but I hope he is still on the list or someone is in contact with him. Since 2006 a lot of things have improved for the visually impaired in China.

One Plus One Cultural Exchange Centre based in Beijing has set up a radio station: it broadcasts 'pan-disability' radio programmes weekly (check China National Radio for details. You're looking for 'China Disability Observed'. I believe in the Beijing area it goes out at 6am on a Sunday morning. It is also available as a podcast. There are other 'on line' programmes too.

There is also a fortnightly enewsletter produced by a man named Mr Ye Zijie which talks about living as a visually impaired person worldwide. - which can also be accessed via the same web site. Its called 'Talang'. I am one of the producers of material for 'Talang' (but I am not Chinese and I don't speak mandarin - but I am partially sighted.

It is currently in its trial period but there is to be a One Plus One programme called 'VI Helpline' - and funding permitting in due course this will also have an off line helpline.

I am a founder member of a UK - China charity 'China Vision' and I can be contacted at or

There is also a web site known (in English) as 'love blindness' - but I don't at the moment have its url.

Re:Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

Since these postings were earlier in the year has anything been started? I will start trying to put something together with some of the social network platforms out there - I think it would be really helpful. If there is somethign already out there please post on this thread and we can help get the word out!

Re:Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

I was just checking out Google to see if there was an organization that helped people blind in one eye, and came across your question. So I guess the answer is why don't we start one.
It has been a little over a year since I lost my vision in my left eye. There are some sensations that happen sometimes that make me crazy. Sometimes it isn't such a big deal. But there is a huge difference between how I am able to function in places I know well, and when I am in places I do not spend time in. I lose much ability to be comfortable in time and space. Anyway, would look forward to your experience with sight in one eye.

Re:Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

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Re:Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

I'm not specific on a 'forum', but here 'we' are at AFB and I am blind in one eye. Just f.y.i. lol What are your questions?

Re:Is there forum to cntact among people blind in one eye?

I don't know if there's a forum spisifically for people who are blind in one eye but your welcome to join us over at:
we are a growing community and would love to have you!

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