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Is this idiom offensive?

How do people feel about the phrase "the blind leading the blind"? Here's the context where it came up. I wrote a question on a tech forum, and started out with this preamble: "My friend has an iPad. I have never used an iPad, but am trying to help her set things up better -- so it's clearly a case of the blind leading the blind." Then I wondered if there was a better way of expressing how lost I felt trying to help her. So I posted another question on an English language forum: "I'm looking for an alternative to 'the blind leading the blind' that won't be offensive to anyone."

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Re: Is this idiom offensive?

I personally have no problem with this what so ever. But then again I am that rare individual who enjoys the occasional blind joke. So there's very little that does bother me

Re: Is this idiom offensive?

I get ofended by jokes made on the spot and while it does look down on blind people it should not be offensive it is just restating "in the dark..." Or being unable to comprehend.

Re: Is this idiom offensive?

I don't see that being bad in any way. Even though i have noticed some who don't like even being referred as blind. People ask me if i'm blind, and that term doesn't bother me at all. Rather we are completely blind or visually impaired. It's still a type of blindness, but i guess some just are against this word.

Re: Is this idiom offensive?

I can understand your concern but...I don't find things like that offensive to me it just is a phrase that people use. Maybe its my Autism that I just don't get why that would be offensive. But again maybe just thinking about expressing it in the simple way like apparently neither of us know what to do or something like that.

Re: Is this idiom offensive?

Why not something simple like "neither one of use know what we were doing" or something in that regard?

I've actually known many good blind travellers.

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