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Its Because Im Blind

so i was washing dishes and i saw a hand come in on around my blbind side to my vision side and looked over thinking someone was there and when i turn around no one was was my own hand..omg i never felt more dumb and i broke my first glass. i had a glass cup on the table turned around on my blind side hit and it shattered on the ground omg. wat a day.........

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Re: Its Because Im Blind

With scattered vision as many of us that ae legally blind have, we all "see things" sometimes that our brains dont interpret correctly. Ive gotten used to it over time. You will too.

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Re: Its Because Im Blind

Hi there . Its bin a few monts sinse your mesige was put up . But from what I red You seem like a strong humen being . youl do just fine . One tip i can give , you mite want to mastor kounting backwurds from ten , and defenitly find some form of medetaytion . Wish you luk . Music Man XX

Re: Its Because Im Blind

Let's try this again. Got a phone call right in the middle of my attempt at a reply, and was logged out. But anyway, this stuff happens to the best of us. I can remember one time when trying to throw out some cake that didn't agree with me, the bowl fell out of my hands and onto the kitchen floor. It broke into pieces and fortunately missed me. I immediately called a next-door neighbor, and she came right over and swept up the broken glass. She safely transported it to the trash. So now I just have 3 bowls instead of 4. I've had only light perception since birth.

Re: Its Because Im Blind

its scary you know. i just got a new job and i dont wanna go blind i feel like i wont have anything left its like right when your on the verge of establishing yourself something happens

Re:Its Because Im Blind

Hello, Brittany.

These things happen, believe me.

It takes time, but you will adapt to your circumstances. Just do not let discouragement overtake you. You can succeed in small things as well as big things.

I have been trying to cook lately. at first things did not go as easily as planned. Now, however, I am loving that I am getting better at cooking. I always wanted to make cookies, biscuits, and many other things as a child, but I couldn' one would show me how, and I always made mistakes. I got discouraged and gave up on cooking because I thought that ti was impossible for me to do. Years later I am really wishing that I would have not given up; I'm actually a pretty good cook.

Just hang in there, and don't give up on yourself.

I have been noticing that my right eye (my only sighted eye) is strained much more easily as of late. I fear that I may lose what minimal amount of vision I have in the near future. What I have been doing is just trying to do all of my daily activities, as best as I can, with my eyes closed in preparation for what could happen.

Just hang in there, okay? Don't be so hard on yourself.

Re:Its Because Im Blind

Re:Its Because Im Blind

yes my day just keeps getting worse and im not even FULLY blind this sucks everything sucks

Re:Its Because Im Blind

Hey Britney,

I am sorry that happened. I understnad why you felt dumb. I am here to listen. Would you like to exchange emails?


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