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Jewellery design

Hi Im helen I am currently a third year Jewellery design student at university in the uk.
I was hoping to get a genuine instite into what people with a sight dissability look for in jewellery as I am designing my collection specifically with them in mind. If any one can give me any advice or pointers I would be very very greatfull.
Thankyou Helen.

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Re: Jewellery design

I have huge collection of jewelry for women wedding. If any body interested then contact me

Re:Jewellery design

i would love to hear from people that want to wear jewery but dont. I live in florida and i am working on design and hiring the disabled to make jewery. Any feed back would
be great. Also if anyone is out there that would like to
partner up with us email me back

Re:Jewellery design

I'm interested in Jewlery and I'm blind. But anywayz as long as it looks good to ma family or peap's you know than I'll wear it or something with ma birthstone or something red, white, or glode.
If there's any words raise them kinda like the wristbands with the lil sayin on em you know?

Re:Jewellery design

Hi, Helen. I wish you success in working out designs for the visually impaired. Most blind people don't wear much jewelry, if any at all, because (a) they can't see it to appreciate it, and (b) it tends to get caught on clothing and in hair. Think first about what it would FEEL like. Individual stones with smooth surfaces and interesting shapes might entice. Most blind people have talking watches for which a lovely (smooth) watch band might be appreciated. Think about belt buckles that have an easy-to-open clasp, beaded chains for glasses that allow the wearer to let the glasses rest on the chest, a talking watch pendant on a chain, dog collars with gentle-sounding bells to keep track of seeing-eye dogs, and the like. Thank you for thinking about this very special line of jewelry.

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