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Just want someone to talk to

Hi I just went from 20/80 a month ago to 20/200 I know ill be ok just a little scared started learning braille and concidering building a cane.Im setup for cataract surgury in january and i feel like ill get some vision back. the doctors cant tell me how long but expect if it happens ill be totally in the dark.I have a wonderful wife she is one of my greatest blessings her and the kids! Just want some one to yak with

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Re:Just want someone to talk to

I am lost probably like alot of people,I ask God what to do and Iv got no answers, sometimes I pray that something happens so I know the real heartbreak that changes me. my e-mail

Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hello Everyone! I'm new to these groups and am hoping to find some that share the same problems as myself if not some answers. I was diagnosed as "legally and clinically blind" (beyond 20/400) at the age of two. I just switched to a new eye Dr in Jan/Feb. a Fabulous Dr willing to at least tell me after 30yrs what my eye condition is, as well as help me get some services that I should've probably had long ago. I have High negative Degenerative Myopia, Ablyopic and Nystagmus in both eyes, my left also has an Astigmatism. I have no periphial vision and Suffer from severe migraines that only go away if I take off my glasses and contacts. Ive been having problems with my contacts not allowing enough oxygen to get to the actuall eye. My Dr has switched me to the newest type of Contacts that allow in the "most" oxygen. But I'm truely wondering If the contacts and glasses arent causing me more problems. Even with their help I only see about 10-15ft from me, where without them I see a clouded blur. I'm learning to use my cane which can be hard, I grew up with the funny looks and being made fun of so I'm severely self-conscious. I'm begining to think I'd truely perfer a guide dog over the cane. Anyone with similar situtation on here?

Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hello Blessed, I am really sorry to hear about your son acob. i am totally blind and have been since birth. I am lucky enough to have light perception so for me it's not really waking up in the dark. Like your son though I too had to be taken to intensive care when i was born early and my eyes were damaged by the light from the oxygen machines. I am used to it now, and have descovered the wonderfull world of audio books, and if i get frightened by silence at nights I will put on one of my many relaxation cds. Maybe you could try puting toys which make a sound near jacob? I always loved soft toys when i was small.

Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hay how are you doing I am sorry to hear you are down, but not fret othees are here.

Would love to chat and I have started a company for those like me and others.

Contact me directly at my my email.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hello everyone, and I am new to the American Foundation for the blind. I am not blind, and I don't have any children that are blind. But my nephew in which will be 3 in March, is currently in China right now getting stem cells treatment to help him get his vision. Because he was born with ONH.

Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hello I just had a my son, Baby Jacob, he is the most wonderful little boy ever, but w jacob comes so much. He was born and immediatley taken away from me and taken to NICU. There they said he had a whole in his heart. Long story short it was struggling 2 1/2 months in hospital. End result Is ONH diabetes and he feeds through a tube. My son takes so many medications through his feeding tube and we see a specialist every other day. He is beginning to work w Division of Blindness. They will be coming to the house a lot for all his therapy. I Love him so much but I am a 23 year old New Mommy doing all this on my own. We have no car so we travel by bus and what a trip that is. I guess on top of all that I cry and worry for him that its my fault and how i can never imagine waking up alone and dark everytime. I try to stay positive and hope that maybe his nerves will develope soon but the specuialist says he has no reaction. Hes not using his eyes at all. What a debbie downer! I guess I just wanted to vent. Thanks 4 listening.

Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hi im Mike just hoping to talk with someone with simalar problems i Have. I have Sympathetic opthalmia, Gloucoma induced from the steroids and cataracts ive went in the past month from seeing 20/80 to 20/200 im supposed to have a cataract surgury coming soon. getting really uncofrtable with all of this. they tell me i may never go completly blind at least my doctor is re assuring me of left eye was removed about a year ago and i have a very nice prostetic done from dean mcgee in OKC they have been wonderful . just scared i guess. thank you for answering me

Re:Just want someone to talk to

Hi my name is carol what would you like to talk about. I have rp have tunnel vision now. I had catrate surgy three years ago it help at lease see clear far distance but fuzzy upclose. email me if you want c-huebner@sbcglobal or anyone else want to email me.

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