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karma: do you believe that we are blind today due to something we did in a past life?

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Re: karma


Love your post!


My reason, if things work out that is.

I'm 17. I don't know where I'll go to college yet, but I do know I want to teach blind kids who go to public schools technology. I was mainstreamed in a public school and there is vertually no teaching or anything here. I don't want other blind children to go through the same thing. I think, if I had not been born blind, I would not have this goal. And if I had not left the blind school I would not have had this incentive.

By the way, I do not believe in the carma thing, but it would make for a good book. I am into writing.

Awsem reply by jadwiga

How is it that there isnt mor handy kapt peeps that are sicologists or life cowches .[ WE SHALL OWN THAT ]


Hi. I would have to dissagree with you. Blindness is not a punishment. I in no way shape or form believe that God made me blind because of something I've done whether in this life or in a past one. I do believe that things happen for a reason. Maybe you don't know what that reason is yet but perhaps it will soon be revealed to you. Maybe it's something as simple as teaching tolerance to your fellow man or maybe it's even bigger than that. The ability to sit back and wait for the story to unfold is key in this case. It's equally important not to be permanently angry with the hand you've been delt. Life is too short to walk around angry and resentful forever. It's more than possible for a blind person to live a happy productive life just as a sighted person does. Be thankful for what you have in life. You still have the ability to think clearly, walk on two feet, hear the birds singing, communicate with loved ones and taste life and everything it has to offer. Being blind isn't who you are it's just a small part of you. Break through the labels, stereotypes and limitations and do something great. Anything is possible just keep trying and don't let the word "can't" take over and rule your life.




I too question any power higher than my own consciousness being vengeful. Having lived over 40 years as a blind person, I certainly know I have had to grow spiritually. I have learned how to be patient with people who discriminate against me in schools, jobs, apartment rentals and such while still being strong and determined to respect myself. I have become a different person than the one I might have been by working through obstacles. Perhaps my karma, like that of powerful Black reformers or powerful women reformers, or others who fought injustice such as Gandi, has shaped me into a person who brings society forward. I doubt Martin Luther King thought God cursed him by making him Black. Similarly, I think we are capable as human beings, of taking life adversities and growing through being honest with ourselves and others. I personally reject vengeful interpretations of god figures, reject the idea that I am blind because of what my parents, grandparents, or great grandparents may have done and choose to think I may have the courage tenacity and kindness to make the world a better place. In the fifties, I integrated public schools where I had no legal right to be as a blind person. Today, other blind children have many more legal rights than I did. Similarly, my generation worked and now more of the next generation are able to do so. More of society is used to seeing folks with guide dogs and canes getting around. I know progress is slow. The Catholics say we are given the Grace we need to grow spiritually during our lifetimes. Perhaps your karma is to be blind because your higher power thinks you have the Grace to bear it, to grow internally and to assist a culture in growing as well into something better than we now have.


hi Donald.
I do not. I don't believe God is vengeful.

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