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Lasik surgery suggestions?

Hi all,
My brother is aged 13 and he has Myopia now. Heard that it’s rare that someone at this age having Myopia. He hate using glasses and want to cure it any way possible. When we discuss this problem with a surgeon in the Lasik surgery centre See by Intravision at Oakville, he suggests doing a Lasik surgery. He told that it is safe and has no restrictions with the age. We have convinced him somehow for the surgery and it is on next month. So have anyone done this surgery at this age? If so please do reply. Thanks

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Re: Lasik surgery suggestions?

Who said that it is rare for someone his age to have myopia? Myopia is the technical term for near-sightedness, an extremely common condition.

"Generally, nearsightedness first occurs in school-age children. Because the eye continues to grow during childhood, it typically progresses until about age 20."

Because the eye is still growing, they generally advice against LASIK until the eye has become more stable, generally in people's 20s. That doesn't mean they wouldn't do it when you are younger, but you would probably need to talk to your doctor.

"Most providers won’t perform LASIK on those under 18 because eyes tend to keep changing into early adulthood. But laser eye surgery has been performed on children (with severe vision problems) and octogenarians alike."

Does your brother have extreme myopia, or regular myopia? I have pretty severe myopia but that has been corrected with glasses. If he doesn't like glasses, what about contact lenses?

Also keep in mind that if he does get LASIK surgery soon, as he continues to grow and his eyes change, he might need to get it done again and again to re-correct his vision. And each time, that incurs more damage to the eye, increasing the risk of complications.

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