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Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis at 14 yrs old and have had central vision blindness in my left eye since that time. I am now 50 and have been looking for any information about problems or diseases that could possibly occur overtime from toxoplasmosis.

Thanks, Joy

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Re: Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

I have had Toxoplasmosis twice. In my left eye there is central vision blindness. First the dot in my eye was smaller and by the second time I have had it it got much bigger and now I am partially blind in the left eye. I am worried because the doctor does'nt know if it could get the other eye the next time. I hope there will be no next time. Its very scary to think that I could be blind. I dream about getting preagnant and it has been 1 month since the blood test that said negative. Does any one know how long I have to wait? I have heard about waiting six months and that there is no risk at all since its negative.

Re: Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

My daughter is 8 and diagnosed with ocular toxoplasmosis around 2 years ago when there was a sudden loss in vision in her right eye. I'm looking for others that can share their experiences with ocular toxo.

Re: Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

I was diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis, at birth in 1973. I was born on the island nation of Guam during one of my father's Military assignments. I have lost my right eye completely from this condition. In March 1993, I was diagnosed also with Hydrocephalus (Water on the Brain) as a side effect to the Toxoplasmosis.

I had updated pictures taken of my eyes last year (2011) when I went to the eye doctor.

This picture is much worse than when I had pictures taken back in 1983

Re:Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

I was diagnosed with ocular toxoplasmosis in my left eye in 2007 when I was 25 years old. Since then, I have had 2 reactivations. Currently I am having an active lesion in my left eye and getting treated for it. The sad side of the story is that I am pregnant. I have contacted a physician from the University of Chicago's Toxoplasma Center, one of its kind in the U.S. Here is the link:

You can visit the website and get a lot of information. Maybe contact the center with your case.
Good luck.

Re:Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

Hi, I have lost vision in my left eye as a result of toxoplasmosis - it would be great to hear from people about their experiences with the disease..

Re:Latent problems with Toxoplasmosis...

Hello! My 7 year old son also has Toxoplasmosis, he has very little vision in his left eye and he has an active lesion in his right eye right now, I have been trying to find someone else with toxoplasmosis that I can talk to and find out what I should expect with him and what type of problems this has caused other people. If you could share some of your own personal experiences with this I would really appreciate it!!

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