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Lazy eye and strabismus

Hello, at first I want to apologize for my bad english.
I have congenital amblyopia and strabismus. I have had muscle surgery for strabismus in age of 2. My left eye is lazy and the right is stronger, In fact, the treatment of the lazy eye was almost successful because I can see nearly perfect with it (somewhere about 90%, it doesn’t have blurry vision at all) but my main problem is with the binocular vision. I think that it's impaired although the peripheral vision is in good condition in both eyes. Is it possible the binocular vision not to be completely missing, but only partly?
And what’s the feeling when you have a lazy eye – is it fully off in the vision process or it depends?
I have also slight squint in both eyes.

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Re: Lazy eye and strabismus


It does depend. Some have no functional issue apart from poor depth perception and/ or absent peripheral vision on one side. Alternatively, others have double vision.

Tell me, do you have trouble catching on oncoming object? How about navigating an unfamiliar set of stairs?

Shannon Carollo

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