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Lazy Eye Help

Hello all. I am writing this in the hopes that someone out there is in the same situation as I am and has found some solution.

I am a 45 year old male and I have had a lazy eye since I was very young. Over the past few years I have noticed it starting to wander farther and farther. It used to be that if I was tired or drank a lot it would happen but now it is all the time.

Obviously it affects my confidence and I can never look anyone in the eyes when I talk to them. It makes life very hard when you have to deal with people everyday.

Has anyone out there experienced the worsening of the condition as they got older? I mean at this rate I figure my eye will be facing the inside of my head when I hit 60.

Has anyone been successful in making the condition better? I have read about surgery and Vision Therapy and I would love to try something to correct this but I would really want some positive outcomes to drive that.

Thanks in advance for anything you can share.

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Re: Lazy Eye Help

Has anyone tried Botox for the lazy eye? I am blind in one eye and it drifts outward and did try this once. Basically, they inject Botox into the stronger muscles that pull your eye out (or in, depending on your situation)...theory being then that the weaker muscle gets stronger...only issue with this is it doesn't last long....a few months *alas* Needless to say, I haven't been back....not a fan of having a needle stuck in my eye. If anyone knows if they've made Botox to last longer....a year would be great!....let me know!

Re: Lazy Eye Help

We having lazy eyes we are blessed keep your
Head up and smile...god is always with us...

Re: Lazy Eye Help

Hi, I've also suffered from a lazy eye all my life. I had surgery around the age of 5 and although there was drastic improvement, my right eye tends to stray when I'm tired or have been in front of the computer for too long.

Several years ago I travelled to India to a eye clinic specializing in William Bates' eye exercises techniques. While many are very cynical, I actually found that these exercises helped me, particularly palming and doing various exercises with my eye patch. Perhaps it could help you too?

To note, I recently began a personal blog to highlight my personal journey to help treat my eye as well as provide advice for parents with kids with amblyopia. I'm always on the lookout for new treatments, particularly for adults. I'm hoping that binocular vision games holds the answer for us!

Re: Lazy Eye Help

I was born with a left lazy eye. I am 60 years old and during that time they thought the cure was to strengthen the muscle so they patched my good eye for many years and nothing happened. My vision is 20/400 and the fact that I can see light and blurred everything else is helpful. No one knew I had a blind eye but thought I had a astigmatism because it was barely noticeable. When I was in my late 40s my bad eye started to shift and people starred at me all the time. I even had people to ask me if I knew my eye was crossed or off. Anyway, when I was 55 i had the eye straightened with surgery. I went the Children's hospital in DC because the pediatric care eye specialists do it the most and are very skilled. My eye took about a couple of weeks to heal and my self esteem soared. The health insurance companies cover the surgery because it affects your self esteem in a major way and just as any lost limb or whatever, and corrective surgery is the only way.

Re: Lazy Eye Help

Have you talked to your ophthalmologist they might want to try prisms in your glasses to help pull your eye more focused. It wouldn't be surgery which most people I think would agree is always a last resort. Good Luck.

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