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Lazy eye

I have a lazy eye and was wondering if contacts would be able to hide it. I cannot get the surgery that everyone seem to suggest my eye is not developed enough and the doctors refuse to do it... personally at my age(23) I feel like it's almost better to have two eyes that almost blind then a lazy eye. Most people I meet notice my eye right away and then tend to ignore me as if i don't exist. I'm not looking for pity just if theirs a better way to mask it then sun glasses.

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can someone please help me being so nervous about having a lazy eye because im doing a pageant and i want to stop beng nervous when i go on stage so i can do great. and having one lazy eye makes me so insecure even tho i always get called pretty.

Re:Lazy eye

Wow are you serious here?! You would rather be blind than have a lazy eye?!? Get a grip and get yourself more self confidence. People that judge you on a lazy eye are not worth knowing!

If you hate it so much and you have the money then try to correct it by surgery. I am nearly blind and have a lazy eye and, yes, as a teenager, had problems. Now I am 33 and I don't give a **** about what shallow selfish people think when they look at my eyes. I have lots of good friends and a 'normal' healthy life. If you have confidence in yourself people won't care about you eye or anything else like big ears or the wrong colour hair. Good luck.

Re:Lazy eye

I agree with Rebbecca get a second opinion.
I was born with crossed eyes and loads of other eye conditions and they did crossed eyes surgery and gave me glasses for the wondering eye.My former eye doctor just focused on my other conditions said that i had a lazy eye and as my vision started deteriorating he just said look elsewhere. Now something that somewhat could have been prevented is permanent. Now because he over looked it my vision is deteriorating and theirs nothing even my new eye doctor in Bowman grey can do to help me and surgery can't correct mine.I was looked strait in the eye at 14 and was told theirs nothing they can do to help it.Currently I'm blind in my left eye and my right is 20/200 or worse most likely worse and I have large print at school blown up to 180% and they still aren't getting it completely big enough.I'm working on taking a braille correspondence course to learn braille,while going to public school.Being asked everyday why do i have gigantic books and paper. I want to prevent the same situation from happening to someone else. I have family and teachers that treat people bad because of a disability I refuse to let any of the crap I've gone threw in the past 3 years to happen to anyone else life is tough enough without someone especially a teacher for that matter tormenting you day after day treating you worse than anyone else in the class just because of something you can't help.In 7th grade if it weren't for my band teacher i would have dropped out because of what i went through every day.
So I strongly recommend you get a second opinion maybe even a third.Their are still people out their that discriminate against people with disabilities, too ignorant to realize it.
“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.”-John Wayne
Good luck!
Let me know what you find out i hope your news is better than mine was

Re:Lazy eye

I have both strabismus and nystagmus to a very severe degree. I had surgery to correct it and my glasses to help me to focus but my "wandering" eyes are noticable. I am considering contacts-however it works for me because the correction forces me to look where I can see best. However, be careful with that. I have muscular problems from my eye condition itself however strabismus and nystagmus on top of this "helped" me to loose a great deal of my peripheral vision as a child because my brain could not effectively communicate with my eyes during development. Go for second opinions!

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