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Learning Braille

The Braille rap

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Re: Learning Braille

The only thing the Library of Congress has, would be a World Book of Braille. I have a copy of this book so I can learn Foreign Language Braille Codes. I learned how to read Braille in seven months attending a school for the blind in California.

I currently live in San Antonio, TX. I can send Braille to you if you wish. Contact me at: and I can send Braille Lessons.

Re:Learning Braille

Lindsey, do you have a TVI? If not look into getting one through your school, they act as an advocate for you and are responsible for teaching you the skill-set (including braille, technology, transferring print materials, etc.) that you need. If your parents talk to the school system I believe the school system will need to get you a TVI who would come see you to teach you as often as needed, They probably also will get you a paraprofessional who would transfer your daily work into an electronic or braille format, so that when your TVI is not available, you would have someone to do so.

Re:Learning Braille

Hi Micheal
i recommend you look at state services etc. the library of congress had something about braille transcribing for the sighted and another that you could look at would be the braille bug web site hope that helps

Re:Learning Braille

Hi! I am a sighted person who is interested in learning Braille transcription. Does anyone out there know how I can get started?


Re:Learning Braille

Tom I agree with you on that subject I'm in high school right now and i became legally blind in 8th grade and i applied for services from my school system since 6th(I've had low vision since i was 1 i just didn't have it bad enough were i needed an aid) and all they give me is large print that is hardly readable (i myself am starting to loose the ability to see features and print of any type.So it makes life difficult especially since I've been reading since i was a little older toddler.) They denied me what i need to survive in this world i had to get all the aids i have right now on my own.I can barely get around without some sort of sighted guide i had to teach myself O&M using what I've observed and learned from videos Washington state school for the blind.Due to my school system and the lack of resources they've penalized me from getting a guide dog from any school in the country just about. I've signed up for Hadley's braille literacy courses.For most of my way through life I've had to either fight or figure something out on my own. I'm teaching myself to read and write braille till Hadley starts Something i ask is why am i qualified to be discriminated against by my teachers(i go to public school) but I'm not qualified to get resources from my county or even state.
Maybe you, I and the others on here can devise a easy distance learning course.
Also I'm writing a bill as we speak to make schools and public places in general more accessible to the disabled.I'm going to post a little serve or something like it soon to find out what should be changed

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Re:Learning Braille

Because of some immature people in my town, I no longer have a braille trainer. I became not able to read print anymore about 2 years ago, so I requested braille training at our local cities league for the blind and disabled. They had me trained for a while, but because I started dating this girl, my braille trainer decided not to train me anymore, really immature and selfish on his and her parts, but still leaves me without a brailler trainer now.

I have tried the Hadley School for the Blind classes, but I do not understand the tapes, they are too hard for me to understand. I have been struggling with this for a while now.
I was up to grade 1 and learning how to write with a slate and stylus, since I can't afford a braille writer, but I don't know grade 2, and I'm still very slow at grade 1 yet.

I am 39 years old, a student at Indiana Purdue of Fort Wayne, going for my bachelors in Computer Information Technology, and frustrated because I can't find a braille trailer.

Its like someone up there seems to be trying to make it so I don't succeed putting all these roadblocks in my way like this.


they really need a "visual" distance learning trainer to teach students braille, because the tapes alone are too hard, someone needs to come up with a new system so that braille can be taught to more people, I think.


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