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Learning techniques for blind children

I'm a senior in high school and I have to do a capstone project on my shop, which is vision. What I've choosen to my capstone on is learning techniques for blind and visually impaired children. I was wondering if anyone could help me, ideas or suggestions. Please and thank you

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Re:Learning techniques for blind children

Hi I'm a teacher for blind students. You can teach the child braille letter by letter. First, teach him or her how to read then how to write. Every period you can teach five letters. He or she has to read small words then copy them as a homework thanks, Nice rose

Re:Learning techniques for blind children

Hello, i was noticing your post, and i was thinking, if you had a child at school, who had no vision at all, and was having problems in maths, you could give them like small square box like things on the table, make them feel them, and say you had, 10 blocks, then you tell them, to take away 3 blocks, they would take the blocks away and you could get them to count how many is left over :) i dunno if this will help you, but thats what im thinking at this moment :D

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