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Left Visual Field Loss and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Hi, my name is Katie Patterson! I suffered from a traumatic brain injury in 2008. Right after my accident I was completely blind. Since then, the swelling in my brain has gotten a little bit better and I half of my vision currently. The call if left visual field loss. Ocassionaly I loose all of my vision. I am terrified for the day that I completely loose my vision and I don't get it back. Does any one else have an experience like this? Where some days you have your vision and other times you don't? I am always fearful when I get a headache because I could loose my vision again.

I am not eligible for an assistance dog, even though I am considered legally deaf, because I have "enough" of my vision... BLAH.


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Re:Left Visual Field Loss and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I am 15 and I have been legally blind since birth. If you are legally blind you should definitely be eligible for a guide dog. Try calling a state counselor through the commision for the blind because they can be a good resource to advocate for you. I would also suggest a cane instead of a guide dog. They are definitely a responsibility and a cane is compact (the folding ones). Also it sounds like you do a pretty good job getting around even though you only have sight in one eye. I like the cane better personally. You can get orientation and mobility training which will help you move in an environment without sight. Learn to use the cane before getting a guide dog because you can always get a cane but a guide dog may also not be the best match for your lifestyle.
Good luck with everything :)

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