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Legally blind and denied social security disability

I not sure where to begin so I will state the obvious my best corrected va in my left eye is 20/200 and my right eye is 20/400, although this makes me legally blind my doctor has never stated so. Over the course of about 15 months my vision has went from 20/40 in both eyes to their current visual acuity. I have been diagnosed with degenerative myopia, Cystoid macular degeneration, I have 3 cataracts in my left eye and 2 cataracts in my left eye, astigmatism, amblyopia and Retinoschisis that appears like juvenile x-linked but because it is rare in females my doctor will not directly label it as such. I originally applied for disability before I have even seen the Retinal Specialist therefore, even with the Cataracts Specialist report and my vision at the time being 20/200 in both eyes I was still denied, I'm guessing for "lack of evidence". I have a lawyer and I appealed my case but now they say it can take up to another year to even be seen by a judge! Is there anything that can be done to either fast track everything or even skip the whole appeals process and have Social Security reconsider their original decision with the submission of all the "new evidence"?

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Re: Legally blind and denied social security disability

As with anyone applying for benefits, whether SSI, Disability, et cetera, you must be prepared to show an overwhelming evidence supporting your position -- all which must be supported by EVIDENCE, not just personal feelings. Provide a list of all medical providers who have treated you in the past. Simply stating that you have a medical malady does not justify awarding of benefits. Many applicants are denied just because they want you to PROVE BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that your medical condition is worthy of their consideration for benefits. Be like a lawyer, present a preponderance of verifiable evidence supporting your case. Have the mind set of pleading your case to the Supreme Court. VERIFYABLE EVIDENCE, NOT HEARSAY, WINS THE CONSIDERATION FOR BENEFITS. BTW, keep a copy of all medical events as recorded by your Provider. Not every Provider keeps everything forever.

Re: Legally blind and denied social security disability

I too had the same problem, I was born with glaucoma and have been legally blind since birth. I worked up until seven years ago when my vision got worse. Because I was going to have a cornea transplant to save the vision in my only seeing eye, SSDI said that after my surgery I would see better and denied me. It took me two years, an appeal a judge and a court date, but I won! Hopefully you will too. It is such a roller coaster of a ride dealing with SSDI. Good luck

Re: Legally blind and denied social security disability

Hi I'm new to the blog and I use to copy files for a social security attorney. Unfortunately it is the way the calendar is logged and booked and now with the government shut down it could push it back even further cause the judges may not be doing hearings at this time. All I can tell you to do is keep calling your attorney weekly to get the status of your case and sometimes that will get them to use their connections to push your case up cause they get tired of hearing from you. But annoying people can help in cases like this. I hope this helps.

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