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Legally Blind driving

Hi, im in high school and was wondering if anyone could help me with driving. I am completely blind in my left eye and I have like 20/400 in my right, but I was wondering is there anyway I could drive? I have never been bothered by the fact that I might not drive until it hit me on my 16th birthday. If I can drive is there anything I need to do because I am lost.

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Re: Legally Blind driving

When I was 16 and wanted to see if I could drive my vision was, blind in my left eye and 20/70 in the right... I was told I that I might be able to drive but I would have so many restrictions, I decided that it was NOT worth it. Now yrs later, my vision is 20/400 in my right and I would say that for me there is NO way I would feel safe for myself or other if I drove with how I see now. I do have a friend of mine that did decide she would drive and by the end of the yr she had her license taken away. The best advice I can give is to think on it and really weigh everything out. talk to your family and friends. and talk with your eye dr, because If you do decide to drive you are going to need to get a drs note, allowing it.

hope that helps some.

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