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Legally blind in one eye

My son had an accident at age 5 involving a pair of glasses, which lost him the lens in his right eye, pupil damage and damaged iris. He is now 12 and I would like to know where I can find quality surgery for my son to return the vision in his right eye, repair his iris and if his pupil can be repaired that as well. We have been making trips to opthymologist on a yearly basis. He was prescribed a contact lens to keep his eye active. The lens has to be worn 4-8 hours a day. I would just like to get some recommendations of high quality medical care for my son to see what can or can't be done. We live in Indonesia and the health care is appalling. Any international recommended quality medical care would at least be a start.
I have come across a new IOL from Swiss Advanced Vision. The instant focus, or info, IOL. It was marketed last January 2016. Is there anymore information about this lens besides the promotion of it?

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Re: Legally blind in one eye

Sorry about your sons accident. I don't know recommendations for hospitals as I'm from Canada. Sorry. But if it is some consolation. I lost my left eye at 3 months old. My brain adapted so now it "turned off" that eye and I do very well with one (that one needs glasses though). I can drive, I have a job and my life is pretty nice. I suck at sports because I'm not very coordinated but that is really the only difficulty that I had. Because he was young at the time of his accident I would go to an optometrist first. I was told surgery to repair my blind eye would actually hurt my vision in my good eye because my brain would be confused by the site in my repaired eye as it is adapted to cope with one only. So I chose to live with it. It is your decision. Just ask about the risks to his remaining vision before deciding. Good luck. :)

Re: Legally blind in one eye


Do you have good vision in one eye? I am 30, I have recently lost all usable vision in one eye. I can really only see bright light or high contrast and its very wavy with holes. Its worse than being totally blind in one eye because it creates a very distorted double vision.

I drive a car and a forklift at work and really have no problems at all. The biggest down side is having that blind spot on one side, but it can be overcome by scanning and turning your head further.

The stereoscopic vision that two eyes create really has little effect after something is a few feet away from you.

The only other issue is not having peripheral vision for things that come up on your blind side. I've been driving like this for over a year with no accidents. Just go slow until you get it.

Re: Legally blind in one eye

I'm 20 years old. I am in college, I was told a few years ago that I would never be able to drive. Ive dealt with it.. Although it is so hard. I hate depending on people. I want to be independent. I don't expect anyone to drop what they are doing to take me somewhere. But at the same time I feel that they don't have a choice. I feel like a burden... I see all these stories on here of people who are legally blind in one eye and have been driving for 18-40 some years. It just makes me wonder if I really could drive. Please if you have any advice it would make my day. Thank you.

Re: Legally blind in one eye

if you are willing to travel as it seems, the best eye hospital I know is Will's Eye Hospital of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
My son was treated there for retino blastoma, he has better vision in the eye which had cancer than the one that never developed tumors. They treat a whole host of eye conditions as the hospital is dedicated to eye care. I would recommend contacting them regarding your son's condition.
best of luck, and God's blessings.

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