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Living Facility

Hello everyone. I am new to this message board and I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone would know of any living facilities that are set up for the blind/visually impaired. I don't mean an assisted living facility. I don't need anybody to cook and clean up after me. I would like to live as independantly as possible. Am just looking for more of a sense of community I guess? Was thinking something like an apartment setting? I hope this is not offensive to anybody. I look forward to reading any ideas you guys have to offer and thank you very much.

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Re:Living Facility

interesting link:

Re:Living Facility

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Re:Living Facility

ouch, that's going to be painful a community apartment for blind people isnt't going to be pleasant why not just blend in to the backdrop and learn to socialize and stuff? I live in nothing but sited places and never found it troublesome at all. You just need to learn to adapt and also learn how to set things up for you. get outside, mix and mingle a bit, and stuff. you'll be fine.

Re:Living Facility

I have often thought of building a sustainable apartment complex for Blind and Low vision people to live in and have a greater sense of community.


Re:Living Facility

Well pnmgrl, I'm in the same boat, and the thing I have been doing is looking for a roomate, or mates. Posting on sites made just for that. I live in Northern California, here is my e-mail, Who knows, maybe we can find a place together...

Re:Living Facility

Sorry, I don't know where there can find some useful facility for you. I hope the later response can help you.

We usual share some knowledge about health here, like some good sites:


Hope more people can help you.

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