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Living with Visual Impairment

Hi I am a design engineering student studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. My final year project is on the daily challanges faced by people with visual Impairment. Please fill in this quick survey, your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Living with Visual Impairment

While most common problems faced by the visually impaired people are mobility and reading.There are advanced book readers and magnifiers to sort out the reading issues and to commute to different places generally white canes and guide dogs are used.

Like these magnifiers and readers have almost become a necessity there is one such product that has been produced after an extensive research of 2 years. This adaptive equipment is a revolution in the field of human augmentation devices for the visually impaired.

Live Braille Mini aims to make the mobility easier for its users. It simply allows you to swipe your hand in the air to spot obstacles and walk much faster.

Re: Living with Visual Impairment

I just completed the survey.

Shannon Carollo

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