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Living without one eye during chilhood

Hello Everyone ,

My Name is Ajay i have lost my one eye during chilhood due to an accident. Because of my one eye have face lots of ups and downs and due to this condition i could not find love in my life. I am indian guy so every one know that india is very poor country so i have to buy an artifical eye i have to do so hard work and when i am studying in 12th class then i will be able to get artificial eye. Right now i am 25 and every people know that i am one eye person. I dont wnat to cheat with my life partner so i am finding a girl around the world who has same problems like me. I know now the time is for marry so really i want to marry with a girl who has same problems like me.

My email Id is

anyone can mail me.


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Benefit of Yoga and Prayanam

Hi I am Siddharth from India and I am blind by right eye and my left eye is O.K.My right eye is blind due to cataract and retina detactment then once I heard about Yoga and prayanam then I contact Baba Ramdev Patanjali Chikisalayay or Patanjali Yogpith,Haridwar then I started Ayurvedic medicine with their Yoga and Prayanam after 8 few months I felt and seen the positive change in my both eyes.My right eye becoming healthy with very slowly and my left eye spacticle lens power decrease from +2.50 to +0.25.So everyone who is suffered from eye problem must do Yoga and Prayanam and it centre is all over the world and for which who living in India can contact us at their local(city) Patanjali Chikishalaya or

Re:Living without one eye during chilhood

Hi Ajay,
i'm alfred from India. i have lost my left eye in childhood. right now i am married a normal girl, actually she fell in love with me and now we're married happily ( absolutely no problems) she loves me and respects me. i wanted to tell you that you dont have to think that marrying a one eyed girl is your only option. (If you wanted to, because you want to give life to another person with one eye, then that's another thing.) who knows some one (normal) might be waiting for you, trust in God he will not let you to be tempted beyond what you are able. may be God is waiting for the right time like it happened to me. all the best.

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