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Looking for blind females

I have had questions about how a blind female finds a male attractive. It has pondered my thoughts for some time and I finally decided this was the best place to ask such a question. Here I am now, asking just that. If you want to get in contact with me, you can email me at I will get in contact with you as fast as I possibly can.

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Re: Looking for blind females

Just because were blind doesnt mean we dont "see" personally I have an extreme sense of smell and can smell if you stink or smell good. I may only be able to see alittle but i can sense things people feel and know when its time to go or if its okay. Blind women are probaly the strongest of women. We "blind" women are normal people we have the same feelings same styles same emotions same everything. You dont have to see someone to know there beautiful there heart says it all.

Re: Looking for blind females

These messages from sighted guys looking for a "blind female" somehow feel vaguely creepy. Notice that this man first talks about the person as being "blind" and then about her being "female".
As a woman, one of the things I find attractive in any person is being considered first as a person who has attractive qualities and only afterwards considered as a female. For instance, if a man is handing out his email address and asks about blindness, I find myself asking why. Why home in on blind women? My blind girlfriends and I suspect such men hope we cannot see something, or will be kind enough to "overlook" it.
I like people who are honest. So let me be honest in return. We women,blind or sighted, know when the "wool is being pulled over our eyes." I may not be able to see your acne. I will be able to smell it, if you fail to wash. I may not be able to see you are physically out of shape, but will know it after we have gone hiking together. Please know that sooner or later women figure out what is going on, whether we can physically see you or not.
A psychologist friend of mine says that blind folks attract the best and the worst of people. I think she is correct.
Sir, if you want to date a woman because she is blind, how would you feel if somebody dated you because you were of a certain race or because you were wealthy?
Women who seek out men just for the sake of their money are commonly called "gold diggers."

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