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Looking for friends

Hi i am a 23 year old sighted female. I am looking for friends and possibly a boyfriend. I do not care if the person is blind or not, I am very open minded and would like to try new things.

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Re:Looking for friends

i would like to be your friend.. i am from india.

Re:Looking for friends

This is a message for BadBoyBlind. I am researching about women and dating, in particular, when the man happens to be blind. I would like to have a short conversation with you and hear about your ideas about how you, for lack of a better phrase, run game.

Do message me back.

Talk soon,

Re:Looking for friends

Badboy i think i like you. Let's talk

Re:Looking for friends

Hl. I am 64 and have RP since my early 30's Had to stop driving 3 yrs ago. What eye conditin do you have? Tell me a little about yourself .. I live in Maryland, where are you? My e mail address is

Re:Looking for friends

i m looking blinds friends e-mail me on this e-mail address

Re:Looking for friends

So what's so open minded about you AmericanIdol? I'm blind, have a bad boy mindset and love girls. Want to be my girlfriend?

Re:Looking for friends

Well I will be your friend. You are older then me but that is okay. So are you in college? I will be going to college next year. I'm so happy about it. I have been visually impaired since the age two. I am getting a little better with everything. My family still don't the fact that I run into things. I told them it is just a part of life. So you have a good day
I'm little lady

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