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Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

My name is Will, I am 20 years old with out a disability and am currently playing the role of a blind man in a web series, which will begin filming later this year. But I am interested in meeting some unique individuals who i can chat and ask questions to. How would I walk, what kind of sunglasses to buy, any sites to get a better cane than what i have. I am also very interested in dating a blind female, I feel there are too many shallow people in the world who would never even consider trying, and I want to try and succeed with a long lasting relationship ...and if anyone has any tips, please let me know. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Re:Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

I'm interested. Fill free to ask me questions here, but my emaille adress is Foffy400 at Gmail.

Re:Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

My name is Silvia. I am hoping to find someone with a visual impairment whom I can interview to gather information about ways in which his/her life is affected by the disability and about how others respond to the visual disability. This is for a college course research paper that is due in early October of 2009.

If anyone with a visual impairment would like to answer some questions, I would very much appreciate it.

I can be reached at :

-Thank you.

Re:Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

Hi, my name is Jen And I am 23. I can see you posted this message awhile ago but if you are still looking for input i'd be willing to help. I was just recently declared legally blind.
If you want my yahoo sn is myheartsinfantry and my email is the same just Add


Re:Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

Retisert Alert!! Retisert Alert!!
Posted by CharlesW on 07/05/2009

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Thank You
C Williams

Re:Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

Thanks Tiff, I appreciate the response. If you have skype, skype me, Will Devokees Hartman, I would love to sit and chat and get to know more. i have joined another site for the visually impaired in which i have been chatting with others and learning a lot. Such as how you fold money, how you know what to wear, etc.... but it is different for everyone I supossed. I figured out there is a lot of stuff I will need to buy, such as a new cane, and better glasses. I also need contact lenses to make my eyes look as if I am blind for the movie. So this will be very interesting. Shoot me an email, would love chatting with you.

Re:Looking to learn more from visually impared people.

hi my name is tiffany i am 19 and am visually impaired. i would love to talk to you and i respect the fact that you are willing to do research to get correct information to portray a blind person. i myself am a theatre major and have also done some film. feel free to ask any questions.

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