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Losing Vision

My name is Brandon. I'm messaging on this site because I am grappling with the fact that it's inevitable that I'm going to lose my vision. Right now the left eye is totally almost gone. The right eye is basically having an issue with bleeding from the vessels around the eye nerve. I'm feeling really, really depressed about it because, well, I am 26 and my mom always told me this would happen. I have two courses to graduate with my Bachelors from Harvard's continuing education program. I wanted to become a psychiatrist but with my dwindling vision, who knows what is possible. I was in foster care and worked hard to get myself through college. I have no mom or dad because they died some years ago. I've been supporting myself but I just feel really crappy. I guess what I have is the form of macular degeneration. My vision is wavy in the right eye. I guess I'm just trying to make sense of all the things happening and not be scared and depressed and lonely.
Maybe I could make some new friends here. Thanks for listening and reading this.


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Re:Losing Vision

get over it! get over it! got that? get over it! there, problem solved. just live. and haha! scottish people can be a little forward I guess? haha!

and, Hmmmm..... so random the add there.

Re:Losing Vision

A must read- any of Ryan Knighton's books-- wickedly funny and honest personal look at losing one's vision. Hugely helpful on so many levels!

Re:Losing Vision

Hi I am 24 and I have been legally blind since birth but becouse i have type on diabeties I know i will eventually loose all my sight.You would think becouse i've been sight impared my whole life that i'd know it all thaT IS NOT THE CASE i WAS THE STUVORN ONE WGHO ALWAYS WANTED TO BE EXCEPTED AND AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE.SO IM STILL LEARNING ON HOW TO USE MY CAIN ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECEATED THANK YOU.

Re:Losing Vision


Okay, you've got a new friend. My name is Paul, and I lost my usable eyesight ten years ago after a long and depressing process of vision loss.

First of all, I promise you that if you want to, you'll make it. I can make this promise not only because I've been there, but because I have many blind friends who have also made it.

It sucks. The whole freaking thing is grossly unfair, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it except to strive to survive.

Know this: You are not, I repeat not alone.

Write me. (eliminate everything in the following address except letters and the @ symbol) Got it? Write to me; we'll talk.

Man, you'll be alright. As bad as this is, you'll be okay.

Re:Losing Vision

Hi Brandon,
I myself have still got good vision apart from in-depth perception problem but I have a friend who is deafblind and absolutely amazing and an inspiration to so many.
He is Scottish by birth but was in the US Army for 35 years where he suffered more stab wounds, bayonet wounds, was shot at and suffered more bomb detonation effects than I could throw a stick at. He was blinded and deafend throughout his service and received 6 purple hearts. He returned to his native Scotland and turned his ability to becoming a fantastic leather and metal smith, he is building wooden stairs to castle flagpoles and wooden lean-to buildings and he is a fantastic psychologist and friend. He has always lived by one statement: if you have a problem and it can't be fixed, get over it and on and forward with your life. This might sound very harsh but it has helped me a great deal when I have lost most of my hearing (I am 44 years old). Now I find that I can't deal very well with steps, stairs, curbs, pavement slabs sticking up, going from light to dark aso. the list is somewhat endless. So I try to get help in order to get around and then I have to get on with my life (I still have a horse I need to look after). I still compete him in dressage although sometimes my vision totally goes and I just see black. Then the horse has to be intelligent enough to know where he is So please don't give up. Where there's down's there's also up's. You will be able to finish your courses. You have a visual impairment, you are NOT stupid. If you wish to chat more and you want to email me directly please contact me under: Chin up!

Re:Losing Vision

Dear friend I had read your story and feel I have same matter.I lost my right eye due to cataract and retina detactement.My mom is also died in 2005.Dear friend I have an alternative treatmrnt for you which is available in america.Dear friend by yoga and pranayama any types of eye diseases and disorders is control and cure.In america there is free yoga classes and ayurvedic clinic available run by Patanjali Yogpeeth.So please contact in my email and tell more and send you address of clinic in your city.Trust me I able to help you.

Mark from the UK hope you can help!


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Re:Losing Vision

My father was slowly loosing his vision after being diagnosed by diabetes, a big fear of mine. Lucky that we live in a time where technique allows to communicate and experience this as a less negative thing

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