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Low Vision and High Functioning Autism (new here)

I have low vision legally blind in one eye and very close to legal blindness in the other. I have finally gotten a white cane (after 8months of fighting for it for my own safety) and I have High Functioning Autism (some of you might know it as Aspergers syndrome). I am wondering if there are others out there on the spectrum that are visually impaired. Before I got my cane training which has been within the last two weeks I walked into a lamp post on my vacation in June and gave myself a concussion then almost two weeks after that almost got hit by a bus because I didn't see it at all.

I was born with Peter's anomaly unilaterally with partial peter's in my right eye which also has lattice degeneration and serve myopia (nearsighted) I also have the beginnings of retinal detachment due to my over straining of my right eye. My left is at 20/500. My Right depending on who is doing the test tends to be around 20/50.

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Re: Low Vision and High Functioning Autism (new here)

is there an AFB topics group focusing on autism and visual impairment?

Re: Low Vision and High Functioning Autism (new here)

I am wondering if there are others who have had specailists suggest their vision problems are solely based on their Autism status rather than actual vision problems because its very frustrating I have finally stopped seeing this OT that i had and now finally my doctors are taking me more seriously about my issues.

Re: Low Vision and High Functioning Autism (new here)

It is good to hear that there are other people on the spectrum with vision loss. I was born with vision loss and it took them a long long time to figure out that my learning difficulties were not only vision related but also related to having autism. am wondering if you have had people that have had issues getting vision services from their providers because they believe it is the autism affecting their vision instead of something else. My OT said that to me repeatedly that she did not believe all my vision issues were related to actual vision problems but merely the fact that I had autism. It was a bit off putting and she is the reason it took me so long to get a white cane in the first place.

Re: Low Vision and High Functioning Autism (new here)

There are many others who have also vision loss and are on the autism spectrum. I've worked with people who I barely noticed having Aspergers to completely non-verbal children with autism.

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