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Makeup, Haircut, Outfits?


I'm a freelance radio producer in New York. I'm currently researching a piece for National Public Radio on Body Image.

I'm very interested in speaking with people who are blind or partially sighted about their own body image. For people who might have experienced changes in their vision levels did those changes affect your body image? For people who are blind or who have had lower vision levels for long time periods I'd be interested in exploring idea of your body image in general - what does the idea of body image mean to you? How do you think of yourself? I have many more questions, but don't want to make my posting too long.

Please feel free to post here or get in touch with via email at

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Re: Makeup, Haircut, Outfits?

It is no fun getting old. My face started breaking out in spider viens along the edges of my ears. As a guy who cant see his face using concealer was tuff so I grew mutton chop sideburns and now it is fine.
Faciaal Hair: A man's makeup equivelant

Re:Makeup, Haircut, Outfits?

This is interesting! I bacame blind about a year ago. I do have peripheral vision. I lost my central fields, so detail is difficult. I want to look nice. This is even more important to me now. I have a totally blind friend who, because she can't really see herself I guess, doesn't bother with make-up or her hair much. She frequently looks a little sloppy. I have always been an attractive woman, and it's important for me to still feel that way. I would be glad to talk to you more. You can email me at

Re:Makeup, Haircut, Outfits?

Thanks will do!

I've been getting a lot of responses from men - I'd love to hear the female perspective. Any women out there please give me a holler!



Re:Makeup, Haircut, Outfits?

Hi Sally - My husband Rick has been legally blind for about 2 years and had low vision for about 20 years before that. You may call him at 847/612-9094.

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