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Message Board for the VI

Hi Everyone

A visually impaired girl created a message board for the VI in May. It is still fairly new, but we have a good number of members, including a couple from America.

On the message board you can discuss topics related to sight loss in the various sections, such as Eye Conditions, Computers and Technology, Getting Around and Socialising and anything related to visual impairment. We also have a fun and games section, blog section and opportunities to help with the running of the board.

Please feel free to check it out at:

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Re:Message Board for the VI

Hi I am new here
I was born a premee and my brain is slightly undeveloped enough in the housing of the pituitary gland, the fortex on the left side, so it causes me to be blind in my right eye, I didn't find out about this deformity until I had my MRI done just last year but I had it done due to my epilepsy. I told my opthomologist about the MRI and he said he knew that my blindness in my right eye was set way deep inside because my eye is badly deformed. IT is very elongated much more so then the normal eye. He said it is really not any good at all. My good eye I have black floaters it maybe due to my age. Is anyone else suffering from an undeveloped brain in the fortex pituitaray gland area causing some blindness?

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