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mom of legally blind infant needs advice

my son, bubba d, is almost completely blind in his left eye. hes tryin to figure out this whole crawlin thing that everyone keeps talkin about but hes easily frusterated because he cant see what all is around him. he runs into things frequently.

i dont want him to give up on crawling but i dont know of any way to help him progress.

any advice would be great. if you want you can email me sjshort88 @ hotmail . com

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Re:mom of legally blind infant needs advice

bubbadsmom, you might find these articles on useful:

Early Intervention Services:

Development: An Overview:

You might try posting your question on the FamilyConnect message boards, too:

FamilyConnect is jointly hosted by AFB and the National Association for Parents of Children Who Are Visually Impaired (NAPVI), and there are a lot of good articles there, as well as experienced parents who will probably have useful suggestions. Best of luck to you - please keep us posted.

Re:mom of legally blind infant needs advice

Is anyone help Early Childhood Intervention helping him out with that? There are workers who can help teach things like crawling, cruising and walking. As well, it's also useful to teach basic skills early on, since everything else builds on basic skills.

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