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More Info Please

Hi. I am blind in one eye (since I was a baby) so it never really bothered me. But recently I am starting to become anxious that I may someday lose my better eye. (It is correctable with glasses.) This is an unfounded fear as my eye has stayed fine for my whole life so far. But can anyone who is confident in themselves give me more information so I won't feel as scared of blindness (if it someday happened)? Right now I am almost like a sighted person. (IE I have no training in mobility, brail, ect.) Is it wise to learn that stuff if you only have one eye or are the chances of losing the second eye so small that it wouldn't matter?

Also, how often should I get new glasses? I've had my current pair for a year and already I am noticing that I can't read as well. (Insurance covers a pair every two years.) Do some people need new lenses more frequently than that?

Thank you!

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