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my dad is in need of treatment

hi my name is glen im from england nearly 2 years ago my dad was registered blind as he has vision impairment in both eyes we have been to many eye specialists and not really much help the most he has been told is that it could be to do with his blood it is something to do with the back of his eyes he can only see shadows and finds iv very difficult in daylight he has gone through many glasses mainly dark tint as there is nothing he can find to suit his condition im looking for some sort of help or maybe someone abroad that can help or explain his condition thanks

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Re: my dad is in need of treatment

Sounds like what I have. visit:

Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re: my dad is in need of treatment

Hi Glen, Have you tried contacting RNIB? I am from USA so my knowledge of UK agencies and programs is limited. Also, try contacting USA agencies and organizations such as National Federation of the Blind )NFB), American Counsel of the Blind (ACB, ect. i am certain they will be more than happy to help.

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