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my mom's eyes

My mom is a type 2 diabetic and always had 20/20 vision. last feb. she found out she had proliferative retinapathy. She had some laser tx and had a vitrectomy in her left eye , november of this year. She sees some light in that eye and a lot of floaters. She has very little sight in her right eye. yesterday she could not see at all and is taking this so bad. It is so hard to see my mom go through this. she is honestly the nicest person you would ever want to meet. She would give anybody her last dime.. whoever meets her loves her. I couldn't take seeing my mom go through this. She thought she was blind because she saw black. Later that night her right eye she was able to see images. I was trying to comfort her and tell her thats god's way of showing her to have faith. i called her doctor and he said it probably is a hemorrage and we have to talk about another vitrectomy on her right eye, what do i do. i am so scared and sad.. its been a month since her vitrectomy in her left eye. how long does it take for her to know if the vitrectomy was successful. the doctor keeps saying we have to wait and see. she had a gas bubble placed in that eye. seeing my mom go through this is so painful for me. i could only imagine what she is feeling. please someone help.

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Re:my mom's eyes

Hello, tell your mom to have patience and continue to trust (have faith in God). I am a 35 year old mother with type 2 diabetes and recently had blood vessels break in both eyes. I later had a vitrectomy on my right eye and laser on the left. It took six weeks before my vision came back. Currently, the doctor is just watching the left eye. The best thing your mom can do is control her sugar levels. If her blood sugar is running high it will hinder the healing process and this will cause serious problems. I had to get a mild anti-depressant so that I can keep my levels low, as I have found that anxiety can raise your sugar levels. Your mom will also need to make sure she does not have high blood pressure or cholestorol - as these ailments can also hinder a successful recovery. You are giving your mom the best you can and that is letting her know you care - KEEP IT UP! Tell her to relax, keep her faith and keep her sugar levels down. I will keep you both in my prayers. I know first hand what she is going through. I

Re:my mom's eyes

I was born blind in my left eye and now I have discovered my mom is blind in her right eye 100% and her left eye 90%. My brother wants to put her in a nursing home... but I think that she could live at home as that is her wishes. Please help.. with any advice that you can give me.. Is she too old for a guide dog or at least a helper dog? She is 78 years old.. can someone help us?

Re:my mom's eyes

Chloe, i'm so sorry to hear about your mom.. How are you doing? How did your mom pass away?
Today, was the second surgery for my mom. Last night I was so sad, I was crying and praying to God and asking him to please give my mom, some vision, even just a little. I said please God give me some kind of answer. You know I checked this site for a month and nobody ever responded to me. So I said to God let me go on and if my mom will be okay someone would have responded to me.. could you beleve it..Elfie responded..I cried and cried. Elfie that really meant so much to me that you took some time to respond to me. and I just came on just now to thank Elfie and now chloe you responded to me. My mom had surgery today at 9:00 am. this time they put silicone oil, last time the put the gas bubble. My mom is in good spirits. I feel God is with us and we have no choice but try to have a positive outlook..It just hurts so much to see my mom go through this. Thanks so much

Re:my mom's eyes



Re:my mom's eyes

Hello Roe0605;
I can certainly understand the sadness and concern you have for your mom. She is lucky to have you for support. The only thing one can do is be there for her.
Please listen and do everything the doctors are telling you. Ask the doctors if they can refere your mom to an agency in your for the blind and visually impaired who may have staff members she can turn to for counseling and rehabilitation. They are trained in the area of helping those who are gong through vision loss. They see and talk to people who are going through the same thing every day. They can help her cope and give encouragement. She has to be willing to do this, however. We have two choices;
1. Stay scared and never reach out and rehabilitate
2. Face your fears, get help, work on the problem, and live again, but in a different way. It is possible. She will smile again.
I worked in an agency for the blind in the west and I worked with a lot of students who became visually impaired due to diabets. They took that giant step to help themselves cope and be independent again. Some students were young some were older folks. It was awesome to see how the human spirit can prevail.
Take care and best wishes.

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