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my sister in law

i have been living with my in laws for a year now and in december my sister in law came back from atlanta. she is blind. she was living with family over in atlanta for a while. now that she is back im not sure how i can help her. she has no insurance, she doesnt read or write. she does speak spanish. i need some advise on how to get her some help with insurance and other things. i want to help her. she spends her days just listening to the radio all day. i want to help her but not sure exactly where to start. please some one help. thank you. jessica g.

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Re: my sister in law

To my knoledge there are no other blind people in my family.


Re:my sister in law

Does your sister in law want help? If she does, then that is very important. The others who responded to your post are right. She may benefit by getting some training in her area. She might be able to attend an agency for the blind, which may have E S L classes to help her with her english skills. Perhaps the agency may have bilingual teachers to teach her skills such as cane travel, daily living skills, and perhaps job seeking skills. In the mean time she may qualify for S S I and health benefits from the Government. If you speak spanish, talk to her and get to know her. What does she want to do. What does she like to do that makes her happy. She may need to go to agency with others who are blind and share her language. We have this program at the agency where I used to work at. After a while, the students are happy and comfortable and lead independent lives with their friends.
Hope this helps you?


Re:my sister in law

Good Afternoon: I am going to college currently and I am majoring in social work. I want to work with those who are blind and/or visually impaired. I, myself, am blind. Coming from a personal and proffessional standpoint I first suggest you contact a DSB, or Division of Services for the Blind in you area. They will be able to provide you with orientation and mobility with a cane, services for independent living around the home, and school/college information if that is applicable. Please feel free to contact me at I will be happy to assist you. Take one day a time. Take care.

Re:my sister in law

You might want to try the Social Security or SSI. I am also blind and I am able to receive medical benefits. Also see if you can get her used to her surroundings. I get around my house well, except for the occasional running into the wall or doorway. Hope I have helped.

Re:my sister in law

Hi, you should call an agency in your town to help her with mobility. They can also hook her up with learning the computer with a screen reader. You can also help by taking her out for a walk or out to eat. Just try to do something so she is not just sitting around. As for insurance, try the Department of Public Aide. It will be hard but don't wait on her, let her do things for herself. Good luck.

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