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My white cane

I am visually impared with blindness that means I am blind in one eye totally and the other eye is unstable as there are lots of flashes and floater more then usual going on in my one and only eye and I also have epilepsy when I go into complex seizures my site worsens. How do I answer someone why do I have a white cane? And where did I get my cane from? I don't want to be rude but I don't want to feel tresspassed again either Anyone experience these kind of questions?

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Re:My white cane

Your site offers a lot of unique insights and wisdom. I have never really thought about it like that. Please keep updating your homepage. I will be visiting every time u do

Re:My white cane

Hi I'm legally blind, have seizures (The neurologist is just calling them seizures at this point even though I've had them since i was five)
When ever I'm out walking around with my cane when ever people approach me and ask me questions happens a lot at school what shut a lot of my class mates up was I'd say I'm legally blind and i need it to get around. Which usually leads to more questions since I'm still making transitions (this is my first year with a cane). With majority of my classmates i had to go into explaining what it means to be legally blind some it took more than one time threw. Quickly i got to the point where you laugh or cry and I'd make a joke out of it.
When ever i have a seizure i loose majority of my vision as well as mobility for a while sometimes it lasts a week in addition to migraines ugh what will life throw at me next i think quite often
As for where you get one I'd just say state services or i joke around with it
Just stay positive and joking around staying light harded can often help and if you want to talk you can email me at

Re:My white cane

Hello. I took am low-vision but have my guide dog Umbro. Sometimes if I need to go somewhere real quick, I will grab my cane. I did ask recently to get an I.D. cane from an old O&M instructor I had in high school. Its recommended to have one even if you have a guide dog. Sometimes the dogs don't approach something closely enough to feel it, or they don't think its safe to approach, such as a hole or pot hole in the street.

I too have Epilepsy and Complex partial seizures. My vision changes as well- becomes funky looking and I see sparks of electric blue and white.
Sometimes this accompanies my aura/simple partial seizure that comes before the longer complex partial. I take Keppra XR and Lamictal with some other PRN/as needed medicines for other conditions including Migraines with aura. I see weird things with those as well. So Its hard to tell, aura from seizure or an aura from migraine LOL.

If someone asks if you're blind, or assumes you're blind just because you are using an I.D. cane, just let them know politely that you use this cane to get around safely. You don't have to explain anything to anyone, but if you feel comfortable in explaining a little bit, that is what I would do.
A lot of people, including me before I knew better, think that people using a guide dog are totally blind. I wear special glasses for low vision people and they help a lot- but with 20 degree tunnel vision and other conditions I have in my eyes, it makes it hard to travel without a cane or guide dog.

I hope everyone goes well.
Take care,

Oh, take a look at There are a lot of good posts by people with Epilepsy. Its a great place to ask questions and get to make friends who deal with the same things as you and I do.

Re:My white cane

Thank you for your helpful answers
I got a fold up cane a O and M teacher suggested I get
a fold up cane to keep in my purse so when I am out I can filip it open and use for curbs and steps so I dont fall down them as I have before
I love this new white cane with a reflector tape on it
I took my cane to church and just folded it up in my purse
It gives me a secure feeling so I dont have to hang on to someone to walk in new places that might be unlevel

Re:My white cane

If asked, I say no I am not sightless, I am legally blind, and that not only does my cane help me navigate unseen curbs, uneven sidewalks, it tells drivers to "cut this guy some slack" while I am crossing streets.....

Re:My white cane

Here are my responses. I use a cane because I am legally blind. Due to this I have trouble navigating my environment because I cannot see everything so it helps me to walk/travel safetly. When I use the cane I put it out in front of me and it has a rolling tip so I can feel any possible obstacles that are in my path and I can move around them if necessary. Answer to the second question-I got my cane from my O and M teacher-who teaches me cool (and sometimes random yet necessary quite often) teahcniques so that I can use the cane correctly. And dont be surprosed If I get a new one quite often-the tip tends to wear down and break every couple of months/weeks. Canes are either collapsable or rigid and they are made specially to my height and the size of my step.
Be comfortable with your cane-there is nothing to be ashamed of. Also-remember that a cane doesn't define you as a person-you define yourself. It is also your responsibility (in my opinion) to help educate the world about visual impairment and how much we can do-dont focus on the negatives! Be positive, Be confident and Good Luck!
From a fello legally blind teen

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