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Need a good CC for Blind

Here is my short story. I had a secured credit card fromFirst National Bank of Omaha because my bank didn't offer Credit cards(very small, local bank). After getting the card, I found their site to have a few major accessibility holes. I gave them 6 months to see if they would fix it, while calling about once a month since I could not log in because of one of the problems. They did nothing and on my last call to them, I was told that it was a problem they had no plans on fixing. I closed out my account.
I had the card because my credit is terible (had no insurance). I need to see if anyone can recomend a good Credit card to use that is completely accessible. The issue I had was with there security questions being inaccessible so even the ocasional thing needs to be accessible in my eyes. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Accessible sites.Re: Need a good CC for Blind

I know the difference between accessible and inaccessible. No offense. That is why I said I would check the site out. If it is my only option, I have no problem doing what I have to do to use it. The only reason I left my last company was because I had to call customer support every time I wanted to log in. Other than that, the site was fully accessible with a keyboard, without having to use mouse keys. I was just hoping that someone could suggest a similar site without the security page problem my last company had.Just trying to give this a little time before I go apply on a site that I find hard to use because I didn't wait to find a better option. Back on the subject... If there is anyone with a SUGGESTION, I would appreciate the help.

inaccessibility versus "annoying" for financial and banking sites

There is a difference between a site being inaccessible, and a site which you find "annoying" because you have to use the Mouse Simulation keys of a screen reader.
If you quit every time you are annoyed, you are going to have trouble with many banking and financial sites.

Re: Need a good CC for Blind

I will look into the site. What do you mean by mouse keys? Are their menus accessible with the keyboard or do you have to use mouse keys to navigate the site? If that is what you mean, I am hoping someone else might have a suggestion. I can do that but find it annoying to have to try and find buttons every time I want to do something on the site with mouse keys.

accessible credit card

Capital One is accessible online as long as you know how to use mouse navigation keys and are a litle patient. It does work. No idea if your credit situation works in this case. You can also get extensive information about what you have purchased and what you owe by phone. Hope this helps.

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