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need for accessing materials

my name is heba kholeif. i am a librarian working in a public library in egypt. i am working as designing programs for people with special needs. i was working in the field of blindness in the Taha hussein library for the visually impaired since 2001. now, after finnishing my masters degree from the university of birmingham at the u.k, i am working as program designer for children with VI. i am working with a child who have a visual impairment and exibits autistic-like behaviours. in egypt, there are very few associations specialised in autism however the teatment of autism in egypt is a very new concept and a lot of people are inexperienced.. hence, treating a child who has visuall imparment, and demonstrates autistic-like behaviour is not so ocommo. absence of reading materials andexpertees constitutes an obstacle for these children. i am trying to access materials to use in designing an approperiate program for this child but i am very disappointed. it is very expensive accessing the online materials at afb taking into consideration the currency exchange between egypt and the u.s. i feel stuck and at a loss of what i should do. the field of disability related topics in egypt is not thouroughly invistigated or developped. i am looking forward to a solution to my problem.
thanks and best rega

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Re: need for accessing materials


There is a new magazine out called Blind Ambitions Magazine. For more information on how you can receive your free copy of this new magazine called Blind Ambitions Magazine. You can send an email to the following email address at and then in the subject line write how can I receive a free copy of the new magazine called Blind Ambitions Magazine.

Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

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