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need help, my grandma is blind but sees "visions"

I take care of my grandmother and she is blind. she has these "visions" and they mess with her ability to move around. I always thought that the blind would only see black like when you close your eyes. but she is just the opposite. she only sees a white light. but sometimes she gets visions of different moving wallpapers and sometimes actual people. people she has never seen before. she has to have certain lights on in the house because they are brighter than the light she always sees and thats how she gets around but these visions she has actually block out the light. they are in full color. they walk, eat, and talk but with no sound. for example she seen a little girl yesterday eating graham crackers. a little boy playing on a chair. things of that nature. im just wondering if other people have the same issues or if this is something that is just happening in her mind. if it is something that any of you have, is there a way to limit it or get rid of it in anyway. any kind of help would be appreciated. thank you, Mike.

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Re:need help, my grandma is blind but sees "visions"

I believe what your grandmother is experiencing might be Charles Bonnet Syndrome. It is very common in people with vision loss. They see harmless visions. It is not a sign of mental illness. There is no way to stop the visions although they usually go away on their own within a year or so.

Re:need help, my grandma is blind but sees "visions"

try traditional root cleansing clinic. there they cure blind off all kind. only if it natural.
i wish you the best.

Re:need help, my grandma is blind but sees "visions"

i'm sorry this is happening to your gran, how often does it happen?

Re:need help, my grandma is blind but sees "visions"

No, I have never heard of anyone in real life seeing visions when they are blind. I know I don't. But, I a few books I've read about the past, I have heard of people that are blind seeing the future and things like that. I don't think any of it is real though. But it could be. Your grandmother might want to see a doctor about it.

Good luck,

Re:need help, my grandma is blind but sees "visions"

Dear mwoolley;
Sorry to hear your Grandmother is experiencing these episodes. It might be time for her to see her primary care doctor and tell him/her about these visions she is experiencing. There might be a medical reason she is seeing things like that. She may have to be evaluated to see what's up.
Best wishes


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