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need help on morning glory syndrom

I have a 3 year-old nephew, who was diagnosed with morning glory syndrom when he is 1 or 2 years old. One of his eyes is blind, and his other eye starts to shift to the side. my brother told me that there is no cure of it. I am wondering whether it is true? Are there any method that can make the other eye normal? I am also worry about the growth of my nephew, and how he can learn to face it. Any help is very appreciated!

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Re:need help on morning glory syndrom

Yeah, you could teach him new ways to adapt to life without being overprotective. I've never heard of Morning Glory Sydrome.

Re:need help on morning glory syndrom

well, there might not be and you might need to except that. And, he will eventually have to come to except that he is blind as well. I know I have. There's no real way to help. He'll have to tough through it and learn. It'll be rough I promise but there's nothing anyone could do. All we can do is to fight through it. It's dreadful, I know. Just treat him like a normal kid, don't shelter or protect him, and always assume capability.

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