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New member - lost vision in one eye

Four years ago, my retina detached in my right eye. Without going into all the details, it is something that could have been prevented. Besides poor vision, I now see everything in double. When I look at something the entire second image is double at a right angle. To prevent this, I have to wear an eyepatch. I do not like to draw attention to myself, but when you wear an eyepatch you constantly get stares and sometimes stupid comments. I am bitter about the whole experience. I have lost income from my job as a consultant. I guess what might help me is support groups. I live in Northern NJ.
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Re:New member - lost vision in one eye

Angel23.......... Doesn't it still get sweaty under the patch? I've tried everything from those patches with the elastic around the head to covers that clip onto my glasses to plastic that "sticks" to the front of the eyeglass lens, each with varied results. But I've found that unless I COMPLETELY block any vision in the bad eye, it conflicts with my right (good) eye's vision. The patch with the strap makes me look like a pirate and, when curved enough when new to prevent touching my eye & lashes, it forces my glasses out of position for the good eye........ nothing seems to be perfect. I HAVE seen patches similar to what you made advertised for sale, but I have long eyelashes - - doesn't yours interfere with your lashes? As for the thin "plastic" that adheres to the front of my lens, it's nice except for when I want to take it off & try and see/look more "normal". Then I have to do a lot to clean the lens & it doesn't stick as well as it did the previous time the next time & reattach it...... but it DOES come in varied colors you can cut down to size and, as long as I look "wierd" wearing it, I can put stickers on the front of it to support my college football team at games, etc...... ;-)

Re:New member - lost vision in one eye

I lost an eye 4 years ago. I would never be caught wearing a black patch that has two straps wraping around my head. I make my own small, flesh colored patch. I have had people stop me and ask where I got it. I buy extra large band aides, like the kind you would cover your knee with, and cut it to fit me just right and I use the clear water proof tape. I cut two small pieces and put one on each side of the eye patch. One sticks to the side of my nose and the other on the outside of my eye. They hold all day. The patch is thin enough that it doesn't get hot behind it. I think that it shows up less than anything else I could use.

Re:New member - lost vision in one eye

Hello! My name is Lacey & I have to wear an eyepatch, too. I lost my eye in an accident about 10 years ago & am now sad about the eyepatch, too...but those are the cards I've been dealt. I'm 31 & just dread the thought of wearing an eyepatch for the rest of my life. I live in Memphis, TN for the time being. My email address is: Email me if you get the time!

Re:New member - lost vision in one eye

Hi. I have lost vision in one eye and the other is going and is inoperable: glaucoma and cataracts and high-myopia. I am a retired psychotherapist in N. New Jersey in Union County. Just wondering how you're doing. Dan

Re:New member - lost vision in one eye

Damn hood! Do they do eye transplants too?

Re:New member - lost vision in one eye

my mama had the same problem infact she was 9o% blind since 2 years untill someone gave us a tip somewhere in west africa. a clincic called trditional cleansing. we immidiately secure nigerian visa and flown her down there. she spent altogether 3 weeks in the clinic getting treatment . now she can see very, very good. try there i promised you they will handle your problem cause they cure much over there.
i wish you good luck

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