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New Web Resource Directory

I am a blind webmaster and have created a new web resource for the blind, deaf-blind and low vision person living in the United States fo America.
Please help me build my site but submitting business/organizations in your state that assist the blind, deaf-blind and low vision people at
Thanks - Donald

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Re: New Web Resource Directory

Florida Resource Handbook Available for Purchase

I have created a screen reader-friendly Florida Resource Handbook containing resources pertaining to the blind and visually impaired, for use by consumers and professionals.

This handbook is for the residents of Florida and includes the many organizations for the blind and visually impaired covering areas such as employment, housing, transportation, and more.

The handbook includes contact information on the local, regional, and national level.

For more information on pricing and formats please contact Insightful Publications by email at or by phone at (808) 747-1006.

Or you can go to the following link at for more information on pricing and formats available.

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