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Newly Blind - Looking for Friends and Support

I am looking for some new friends for my fiance. He is recently blind and will be starting with the blind services here in Riverside, Ca soon. He needs friends, activities, support groups. Please help. He has never talked to someone that is blind. He is often board at home as he does not know how to use the computer. I do not know how to teach him.

Also looking for resources for the blind. Financial assistance, help with technology, job ideas...etc.

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Re:Newly Blind - Looking for Friends and Support


My name is ELizabeth and I have been blind since birth. Does your fiancee have a phone with long-distance? If so, have him call in to this chat line called The Daily Connection. It is to support blind people, or anyone else with a disability.
The number is 231-732-7141. I run room three, the cantina. I am there from 4:00-9:00 PM almost daily. He can call in tonight, or even now if need be. I would be happy to talk to him, and help you out. What is his name?

Kind regards,

Re:Newly Blind - Looking for Friends and Support

I looked up support in Riverside, CA online and found the following site. They offer many service that you may find helpful including peer support/adjustment training and employment preparation.

Blindness Support Services, Inc.
3696 Beatty Drive, Suite A
Riverside, CA 92506
951/341-9244 Fax: 951/341-6335

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