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newly blind, need help please

Hello all, my name is amelia Davis and I've only been blind for eight months. I just want to know, is it possible for me to travel independently? Before I lost my sight I would take walks on a daily basis and now I'm dependent on my cousin to guide me everywhere. If not, then can you tell me what level of independence I can look forward to? Are there any services out there to help newly blind people regain their travel independence? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re:newly blind, need help please

Hello Amelia,

I have been blind since birth, and travel fairly independently. I use a cane and do not have a guide dog. These NFB centers have programs that last about six to nine months, depending on how fast you progress. It sounds like you could use some support.
I would be happy to answer any of your questions. I have never attended one of these NFB programs, though I have had many friends go through them.
My email address is

Feel free tod rop me a line,

Re:newly blind, need help please

apologies I do not. there is a Vision Services center in Pittsburgh PA, who may be able to hook you up with attendees, or some more info about whichever center you'd like to gain more info.
Are youu from the west that you want to go to CO, or would you consider other options? i know they do a certain degree of networking, so if you don't want to go to pittsburgh, they may at least be able to get what you need for the other centers.
this center specializes in daily living skills, technology demonbstration, and they have learning labs for all kinds of assistive devices/softwares to help make your transition as seamless as possible.
I'm also here to help with whatever support you need, just ask. i've been totally blind since i was six, and have experience in high school and college athletics, 25 years of work experience in a bunch of different environments, so i maybe able to help with any immediate questions you have until you get your resources lined up.
ttyl, Mike.

Re:newly blind, need help please

Do you know where I may talk to people who have attended the different centers?

Re:newly blind, need help please

from what i heard, Colorado's is very good. Most are similar in what they teach, they all attend the same confences, and share best kept practices, ETC. It the staff, i guess that can make things different. Most centers show you basic traveling techniques, how to cook/eat/label/organize daily household chores/items. they'll show what kind of adaptive technology is out there, and help with getting around daily living obstacles one might encounter being blind.
they'll also share ideas for efficiency/effectiveness geared towards being a student, or employee, depending on where you're at in life.
best of luck!

Re:newly blind, need help please

Thankyou for your advice. It's good to know that other blind people can travel independently just fine, it really is. My friend told me about three NFB centers that specialize in blindness training. He specifically mentioned one in Colorado, do you guys know if these centers are any good and what I can expect?

Re:newly blind, need help please

Every state or county has a bureau of visual services, or something similar where you can sign up for adaptive living classes, and/or orientation/mobility, aside from that, all it takes is some imagination and will.
I have traveled all over the country,andnot had any issues. By train, redcaps and train personell, or airport skycaps, will assist you getting to where you need to be.
for places you will be often, repetition is the key. like anything else, practice makes perfect. You aren't bound by much more than your willingness to put yourself out there.
best of luck. contact me at for any further assistance.

I am also newly blind

My name is Nick I recently went blind this last year myself. I currently travel with family members and friends for now, but I am starting mobility training this month in Seattle where I live. You should search for Department of Services for the Blind offices in or around your area. I would assume that you already have a cane for navigating around yourself occasionally , if not than you can order one online pretty easily. Remember our only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves. Good luck to you.

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